Nursing Administration

  • Location: Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center
  • Phone: (210) 292-7265
  • DSN: 554-7265
  • Address: 59 MDW/SGN, 2200 Bergquist Dr. Ste 1, Lackland AFB, TX 78236-9908
There are 457 active duty nurses, over 150 civilian and contract nurses as well as over 700 4N medics, licensed vocational nurses and paramedics within the 59th Medical Wing providing care for more than 240,000 beneficiaries.  These nursing service personnel are tasked to fill positions in multiple locations to include San Antonio Military Medical Center, Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, and Reid Clinic. There are opportunities in the 59th MDW for all nursing Air Force specialty codes, to include product lines in outpatient and inpatient settings. One O-6 (colonel) serves as the wing chief nurse and one chief master sergeant serves as the 4N Functional Manager.

Nursing Departments/Locations

959th Medical Group-San Antonio Military Medical Center: Is a Level 1 Trauma Center and joint venture with the Army. One O-6 serves as the chief nurse for the 959 MDG. There are more than 360 active-duty Air Force nurses and 321 4N/medics within SAMMC providing care in various inpatient and outpatient units. Nurses and 4N/medics gain exceptional wartime skills training serving in units that include inpatient cardiology, surgery, general medicine, hematology/oncology, same day surgery, post-anesthesia care, pediatrics, obstetrics, intensive care and OR.

59th Medical Operations Group-WHASC: The Air Force's only medical operations group is located in the WHASC. 59th MDOG nurses deliver urgent, surgical and medical specialty and primary care in the DoD's largest ambulatory surgical center. One O-6 serves as the chief nurse. There are more than 58 active duty nurses, 106 civilian and contract nurses and 253 4N/medics in MDOG. There is also an O-6 Perioperative Master Clinician. The DoD’s largest family medicine clinic annually produces 630,000 visits and 371,000 procedures. 59th MDOG also hosts the Air Force Medical Service's largest pediatric clinic, five operating rooms and 39 other clinical areas to include cardiology, pulmonology, neurology and sleep, gastroenterology, dermatology, allergy, and diabetes care, management and education. 

559th Medical Group-Reid Clinic: Provides nursing support to over 50,000 trainees. One O-5 (lieutenant colonel) serves as the chief nurse. There are more than 20 nurses and 67 4N/medics. Nurses provide outpatient support to basic trainees, technical school students, and sister services as well as the Defense Language Institute and Inter-American Air Forces Academy foreign national students. Nurses in the 559th MDG also support the Flight Medicine Clinic and En-Route Patient Staging System (ERPSS).

359th Medical Group-Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph: Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph is home to the 12th Flying Training Wing and Air Force Personnel Center. There are more than 30 nurses and 55 4N/medics that fill positions in three outpatient clinics in the 359th MDG to include family practice, pediatrics, and flight medicine. One O-5 serves as the chief nurse.

​Nursing Education and Training

The 59th Training Squadron, located in the WHASC, supports the Air Force's largest training site for Air Force formal nursing and clinical specialty courses.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Residency Program: 59th MDW is host to three to seven Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) students completing a DNP in their final year of a three-year curriculum. Students complete 800-1,000 clinical hours utilizing family medicine along with various specialty areas required for program completion. This DNP program has one dedicated Uniformed Services University Health Science (USUHS) DNP faculty (O-5), Phase II Site Director that provides oversight for students. Students complete a scholarly inquiry project while at WHASC, filling a graduation requirement and providing the facility with evidence-based practice guidance to improve quality of care. WHASC providers also have the opportunity to precept students and obtain adjunct faculty status with USUHS.

Nurse Transition Program (NTP): 10-week course prepares novice nurse accessions to be mission-ready, clinically proficient Air Force Nurse Corps officers. The NTP provides a blend of didactic instruction and hands-on clinical experience with preceptors. Medical/surgical track novices gain skills in inpatient units, as well as occasionally in ICUs and the Emergency Department. Upon graduation from the NTP, nurses enter the Nurse Residency Program for one year.

Critical Care/Emergency Nursing Course: One-year course transforms clinical nurses into critical care or emergency nurse clinicians. Provides a blend of intense didactic instruction and hands-on clinical experience with preceptors and dedicated faculty. The course utilizes multiple Intensive Care Units and the Emergency Departments at University Health Systems, WHASC and SAMMC.

Perioperative Nursing Course: Twelve-week course trains clinical nurses to become Air Force Perioperative Nurses. Blend of didactic instruction and hands-on clinical experience with preceptors. Students rotate through all surgical subspecialties, including: general, cardiothoracic, neurosurgery, vascular, plastic, orthopedic, robotic, pediatric, OB, GYN, ENT, OMFS, ophthalmology, trauma, burns and genitourinary.

Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Course: Twelve-week course trains clinical nurses as Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses. Provides a blend of didactic instruction and hands-on clinical experience with preceptors. Training opportunities abound with 12 Level II beds and 12 Level III beds.

Perinatal Nursing Course: Six-week course trains nurses new to obstetrical nursing. Provides a blend of didactic instruction and hands-on experience with preceptors in the birthing center. There are 170-200 average deliveries per month for this premier training environment.

Wing Education and Training: The Division of Education and Training (DET) advises six medical group commanders, 19 squadron commanders and 75 AFSCs as well as manages training, to include life support training, for 3,200 personnel. The DET also manages the Simulation Laboratory, Sustainment of Trauma and Resuscitation Skills (STARS-P) program and the AFMS’s sole medical library. The chief of the DET is an O-6 nurse.

Nursing Research

The 59th MDW Nursing Research Division is one of three Air Force nursing research cells dedicated to the conduct of research and the promotion of nursing inquiry. At the 59th MDW, there are positions for three doctorally prepared active duty nurse scientists who collaborate on 59th MDW research efforts and serve as research consultants to 20 Military Treatment Facility chief nurses.

Medical Appointment Line:

JBSA SAPR Hotline: 210-808-7272
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