• Training with the En-Route Patient Staging System

    “Prepare to lift,” called out an Air Force NCO to the three other litter carriers, all of whom were down on one knee. They each grabbed one of the litter’s four handles. “Lift.” They all stood in unison. “Prepare to move,” he said. “Move,” and they all carried the litter through the double doors of the ERPSS-50 Tent Kit 2 air lock.The litter, however, was empty. The Airmen, an En-Route Patient Staging System (ERPSS) team assigned to the 60th Medical Group from Travis AFB in California, were walking through procedures on setting up and breaking
  • Wisdom teeth removal: Wise or not?

    Some people have none, some people have more than four, but on a daily basis, patients are getting their wisdom teeth removed. Do you or your children have any? Are they predicted to be problematic in the future? These are questions patients should ask their dental providers to have an adequate understanding of their individual situation.Frequently, patients are under the impression that either everyone needs to get them out, or they do not need to unless they are causing pain. In reality, there are several reasons you should or should not plan
  • Alcohol Awareness Month: Take action, be a good wingman

    In 2014, there were approximately 80,000 preventable deaths; the leading cause among them was alcohol. April is Alcohol Awareness Month; it is a time for you to reflect upon this common problem which often carries fatal consequences.Currently, there are 22.6 million people in the U.S. who are experiencing an alcohol or drug-related problem. Today, one out of four children live in a family where alcoholism is a problem. As a result, most of these children are exposed to poor lifestyle choices, neglect, and in some cases abuse.  Alcohol abuse
  • Preparing your child for their first dental visit

    It is no secret that parents these days are busier than ever before. Many are trying to juggle careers, responsibilities at home, and volunteer work that makes it very easy to forget when and how to prepare your child for their first dental visit. Parents actually play a very vital role alongside the dental provider in making a child's first dental visit a positive one.It is important to note that the parent who takes the child to the dentist should not display any signs of apprehension or of being scared. Children can pick up on the uneasy
  • Abused domestic violence survivor speaks on recovery

    As a child I endured it, as an adult I minimized it. Abuse, regardless of the severity, will always be abuse.I was in an abusive relationship for more than 16 years. Leaving that relationship took a long time and was extremely tough but today I'm happy to say I am no longer in that relationship. Now, with the help of the Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate program, I am on a journey to recovery.As abuse victims, we tend to follow down the same narrow and twisted path. We grow accustomed to being told how to feel, how to act, how to think, when to
  • Followership

    What is one of the single biggest assets to great leadership? I believe without a doubt, it is great followership.It is true that leaders must take responsibility and lead with vision, passion, commitment, and certainly role modeling; yet, I submit that without dedicated followers, there would be no great leaders. Webster's dictionary defines leadership as "to lead, guide and direct". However, I ask that if you call yourself a leader and you are out-in front,but no one is following, are you really leading or just taking a walk?To further
  • Human trafficking is modern-day slavery

    The most insidious trait of human trafficking is not the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons by means of threat or use of force.It's not the other forms of coercion--abduction, fraud, deception, the abuse of power or the exploitation of another human being's vulnerability that makes human trafficking such a menace.It is not the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another, for the purpose of exploitation, that makes human trafficking so
  • Practice your risk management this 4th of July

    The Fourth of July is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate our country's independence and freedom. Unfortunately, along with the celebration come possible hazards when risk management is not soundly applied.Many will take the time to travel and see family and friends, enjoy the beach and lakes, or just stay home and enjoy local activities. Let's face it; there is nothing wrong with taking that long awaited summer road trip or visiting your favorite beach or campsite.Just take the time to apply Personal Risk Management to your particular
  • Suntan leads to Skin Cancer

    Getting summer tanned skin is not what it used to be.Take it from me who is missing parts of my ear and nose due to achieving that "beautiful tan" when I was younger!There are a lot of things, when you are young, that you really don't understand until you are older and wiser, like me. For example, a nice suntan seems neat at the time, but later in life you may develop a skin cancer that requires a long term relationship with your dermatologist.This is one of life's lessons that many people don't realize, especially the young crowd. Skin cancer
  • Own your attitude

    Every day is a gift; it's called the present. This gift is comprised of 86,400 seconds. How are you using them? Are you whining and complaining about what you don't have and all of the challenges you are facing? Or are you putting on a positive attitude and trying to find solutions? A couple weeks ago, I was speaking with a few Airmen about some of the challenges we are facing in our Air Force. I heard some very germane inputs from these soon-to-be NCOs but one of the biggest concerns was with leadership. They told me they want leadership that

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