• Deployed dentist encourages preventive dentristry

    As Americans, we often take for granted the simple luxuries not readily available around the world. Our country affords us access to clean running water and bathrooms inside our homes. Imagine, for a second, not having clean water or running water in the comfort of your own home. Then, imagine if

  • Patient-Centered Medical Home concept enhances patient care

    I have enjoyed watching professional basketball over the years. Michael Jordan was an amazing player with the ability to fly through the air and score lots of points. It's interesting to note that earlier in his career he scored 40 to 50 points per game yet his team was not able to win any

  • Eleven questions to ask your doctor

    I found a useful list of 10 simple questions you can ask your doctor that may save your life, but there is a simple 11th one that should be included. Ask your doctor to do the one thing that helps prevent the spread of germs and infections such as colds, the flu and other upper respiratory

  • Influenza: fact or fiction?

    Flu myths are common, even among the people who should know better. Given that influenza can be serious and even fatal, it's crucial that we all know what is fact and what is fable.Flu Myth #1 - The flu vaccine can give you the flu.There is simply no way the flu vaccine can give you the flu. It's

  • Commander's holiday wishes

    My wife, Debby, and I wish you and your families a safe and Happy Holiday season! We are certainly proud and thankful to serve with you on the 59 MDW team! It is evident that every member of our team, military, civilians and contractors actively contributes to our mission success. This has been an

  • AFMS leaders wish a safe and happy holiday season

    We are a total force team of active duty, Reserve, Guard, civilian and contract employees. This year marks the end of operations in Iraq and what an extraordinary job you have done! Over 90,000 patients moved safely back to their families over the last ten years and a continued unprecedented 98%

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