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Human research protection program

The 59 MDW Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) exists to protect the rights and welfare of persons who voluntarily participate in research studies conducted by the 59 MDW staff.  The conduct of research is deeply connected to the 59 MDW, the Air Force's premier health care, medical education and research, and readiness Wing.  The 59 MDW is committed to the highest standards of research integrity.


While the protection of human participants is shared among the 59 MDW organizations, each staff member has a role in the 59 MDW HRPP, the responsibility for the HRPP resides with the 59 MDW Commander.  The 59 MDW Commander is the Institutional Official (IO) to the Air Force Surgeon General's Research Oversight and Compliance Division (AFMSA/SGE-C).  The IO responsibility for the protection of human research subjects is delegated to the Authorized Institutional Official, 59 MDW Chief Scientist. 

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